Federal Judge Moves To Unseal Pelosi’s Alcoholic Treatment Records.

BUSTATROLL – Judge Marcus Alfonso Paralapalos of the conservative 51st District Court of Warrants, has ordered the medical treatment files for Nancy Pelosi’s alcoholism unsealed and available to the general public.

In a statement, Judge Marcus said “The public has a right to know if the Speaker of the House is undergoing treatment for alcoholism and bloogie addiction. The 9th Circuit Court will certainly overrule this, but I cannot in good conscience deny the motion to the plaintiff.”
According to Chuck Woolery on twitter, Pelosi’s bill for alcohol on her flights from Washington to San Fran every week was estimated at around $1000, and on average 52,000 Bucks, a year for BOOZE.

Nancy Pelosi’s bill for alcohol on her flights from Washington to San Fran every week? We pay for it. 1000 dollars. On average 52,000 Bucks, a year for BOOZE. Tax payer money. Thank you very much.

— Chuck Woolery (@chuckwoolery) January 17, 2019

 In 2010, one time presidential candidate Michele Bachmann accused Pelosi of spending $100,000 on alcohol for flights.
POLITIFAC – Pelosi, Bachmann said, “has been busy sticking the taxpayer with her $100,000 bar tab for alcohol on the military jets that she’s flying. Bachman’s claim drew a rapid counterattack from the Speaker’s office, as aides revived arguments they’d used when the allegation first surfaced months earlier.

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24 Replies to “Federal Judge Moves To Unseal Pelosi’s Alcoholic Treatment Records.

  1. Why is it that normal business expenses for normal business people do not cover alcohol, yet the government employees can write it off….?
    Oh, because it's the legislators who benefit and who wrote the laws, I speculate.
    The American people paying for the alcohol use of their public servants is a terribly egregious abuse of funds, in my opinion. And they should have to pay, and pay back some of their tabs.

  2. To defend the dizzy Democrats, you just couldn't with a sound mind. Imagine every time the news comes on, she would be headed for the bourbon, trying to find some sense or truth, maybe its at the bottom of the bottle?

  3. Pelosi’s comments really show she is not of sound mind. I wondered why she slurred her words when speaking. If she resigned, who would take her place. Seeing what’s in her party; they would all be worse than her.

  4. Why are we providing alcohol on government planes anyhow? Obviously Pelosi is an alcoholic and should thereby be removed as Speaker of the House and also removed from Congress. She is obviously too loaded to do her job. If she worked for me I would fire her!!

  5. I think those people should have to do a drug test to get the job and have random u a's. We the people have to. Why not them. They can just as easily be drunks, dope heads, or a drunk dope head. Why should they for sure get to by pass that. You cant be drunk or dope f#&ked and make a responsable decision. I say give them the same rules as we (the real world)have to live by.

  6. I could not agree more. All rules for us should apply to them.
    Pay raises should be based on merit. And Presidents should be the one's who sign off on who gets what raises.
    Drug an alcohol testing should be a no brainer. But then all DemonCraps. Would pass that 1. Not 1 of them have a BRAIN

  7. So if she spent 52,000 a yr ( I think it's way more as I remember yrs past) for her 32 yrs that equals 1,664,000. She definately has a problem. Between that and using our Tax dollars to to pay off the victims of Congresses Indiscretions I think it's Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. There is a channel on u tube from The United Spot. They get it right each time they post.
    No wonder this government is in such dissarray and corrupt to the core, with all the perverts and booze addled idiots in charge.

  9. let justice ring , the longer we delay ,the more children will be harmed ,suffer and die. get Nancy Pelosi , who is third in line to take over for the presidency in case of a disaster. who wants a drunk running our country. we need to help President Trump bring these satanic animals ruin of terror quickly to an end. GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP AND GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, BEFORE THE SOCIALIST NUTS GO ANY FURTHER .

  10. Pelosi is not fit to serve, and in point of fact, has commited Treason, Sedition, Tax fraud, and election fraud. she should be flown directly to GITMO for tribunal.

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