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Eric Holder and A.G Barr

The Trump-Russia collusion story was a joint invention of the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign. It enabled the Obama administration to make use of the nation’s security and intelligence services to spy on Trump and his associates and to use whatever information they thereby gleaned to try to get Hillary into the White House.

When Attorney General William Barr testified in Congress that “spying” on the Trump campaign did take place, the attacks on him took on a different and more vicious tone.
Nancy Pelosi said Barr had gone “off the rails” for making spy claims and also accused him of serving trump rather than working independently. Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee said Barr’s spy claim is irresponsible. Coons and other Democrats said Barr’s claim raises questions, but does not necessarily mean the government was illegally spying on Trump’s campaign.
GATEWAY PUNDIT – Now, Obama’s corrupt “wingman,” Attorney General Eric Holder lashed out at Bill Barr this weekend. Holder accused Barr of protecting President Trump and asserted that the Attorney General started his probe of the Intel/FBI for political reasons. Holder didn’t end there as he went on to say A.G Barr isn’t fit to lead the DOJ.

AG Barr has deliberately misrepresented the Mueller report. He has started examinations of the conduct of Intell/FBI personnel without a predicate-for political reasons. He is protecting the President. He does not stand up for the good people he leads. He is not fit to lead DOJ.

— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) May 18, 2019

Democrats and the Liberal media have SO EMBARRASSED THEMSELVES! Their hate overshadows what’s best for our country. Instead of being completely humiliated by the farce investigation forced on America, they continue to arrogantly embarrass themselves. PITIFUL!

— Wayne Dunlap (@wdunlap) May 19, 2019

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  1. This is the only defence they have. The mainstream media is pushing this as being the truth when in actual fact the biggest attempted coup against a duly elected American president has taken place. I hope this will wake many people to the level of corruption in the lamestream corporate globalist anti truth media.

  2. I know a woman in Cleveland Ohio who has been ripped off by Eric Holder personally to the tune of $17,000 and he is still calling her twice a month to say that he still needs $200 more dollars before she can receive the "grant" that he has been promising her. Eric Holder belongs in prison. He is an out and out criminal, unrepentant and greedy beyond measure. He always seems to find a sucker out there. Darlene has children who are missing out on essentials for this never ending demand for money to get this so called "grant" that is Never going to materialize

  3. "… The besmirching of Barr’s conduct is surreal. He certainly has not done anything even remotely approximating the conduct of former President Barack Obama’s two attorneys general.

    Has Barr dubbed himself the president’s “wingman” or called America a “nation of cowards,” as former Attorney General Eric Holder did?

    Has Barr’s Department of Justice monitored reporters’ communications or ordered surveillance of a television journalist? Has Barr used a government jet to take his family to the Belmont Stakes horse race, as Holder did?

    Has Barr met secretly on an airport tarmac with the spouse of a person his Justice Department was investigating, as did former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who had such a meeting with Bill Clinton?

    The Mueller report ignored the likely illegal origins of the Christopher Steele dossier, the insertion of an FBI informant into the Trump campaign, the unlawful leaking of documents, and the conflicted testimonies of former high-level intelligence officials.

    All of those things were potential felonies. All in some way yielded information that Mueller drew on in his investigation. Yet Mueller never recommended a single indictment of any of the Obama-era officials who likely broke laws…."

  4. Mr Holder you sure so squeel easy to be a wingman. You and Barry got a long ways to go. Look at the bright side Eric you request the buddy plan and be housed in the same cell as Barry. You can still be his wingman.???

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