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Adam Schiff, Mitch McConnel and Pelosi

On Tuesday, Mitch McConnell who is the Senate majority leader went full ballistic on Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, others for using Mueller’s report to
attack President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr while speaking from the Senate floor.

“What we’ve seen is a melt down — an absolute melt down! An inability to accept the bottom line conclusion on Russian interference from the special counsel’s report which said, the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” McConnell said speaking about the Democrats and their media sycophants.

“Democrats are angry that the legal system won’t magically undo the 2016 election for them and they’ve opted to channel all of their partisan anger onto the attorney general.” McConnell added.

.@SenateMajLdr’s response to Dems in denial of the Mueller Report findings: “Case closed.”

— GOP (@GOP) May 7, 2019

A summary of the special counsel’s investigation delivered to lawmakers Sunday said unequivocally that neither Trump nor his campaign conspired with Russian efforts to sway the election that put him in office.


  1. Imagine what our President could have done these last two and a half years if he had not had to be involved in this nightmare. Even though the Special Counsel has finished the report, the Dems are still frothing at the mouth, looking for blood! Sen. McConnell seems to be the only democrat with any sense!

  2. This is pure lunacy someone is still pulling the strings because basicaly these people dont have an unbiased brain cell between them.Hate ,greed and power is thier one and only agenda.They have left thier jobs go to hell in a handbag to chase a myth.They are civil servants for the people and have ignored thier purpose of thier position the havent fulfilled thier jobs or responsibilities that the taxpayers pay them for in allmost 3 years so as far as working for the people they have put the very people that they work for in the direct path of danger.Danger from illegals with bad intentions with gangs convicts of the worst kind that they even have rape trees in case you dont know what that is there are tress along the migration path on both sides with chains and collars they grab who evers available women children etc they chain them to the tree rape them and keave them for the next one. With that said they have opened the door to radical Muslims who hate Jews and Americans and thier to stupid to see that thier Demorcrat Party is being groomed for a take over so while thier focused on hateing Trump in the background thier so called fresh faces are focused on taking over the Demorcrat Party which leaves the Demorcrats no longer relevant and can be done away with because when they turn they will be the first ones they turn on.The Demorcrats have put the lives and safety of America and its people on hold.Thier not earning the money taxpayers make possible why is that because they make more off of corruption and the highest bidder.They no longer serve a purpose for the well being of our Country and should be removed for abuse of power and failure to serve the people thier suppose to thier hate for Trump is not our hate it has no place in what thier jobs as civil servants are suppose to be.By all standards thier traitors and should be dealt with as such America has had enough of thier criminal ways

  3. Carrie, you make some good points. The Democratic Party is not the party that my parents and grandparents, respected, and supported at election time. They HAVE as you pointed out, become so involved with their own agendas that they put the American people, whom they are supposedly representing, last. They are so full of hatred for the President, that they can't see past it, to realize that they are outright supporting political entities within their Party, that are hostile to America, it's Foundation, Constitution, Laws, Freedoms, etc. For the past 2+ years their WHOLE image to the American people, has been one of anger, HATE, bitterness, and over-emotional reactions. They have Leaders who do not think of America, but of their own agendas, and the political agendas of where they come from. It is one thing to be diverse, but when a person becomes an American, their allegiance to foreign governments, and foreign agendas MUST end. The U.S. is not supposed to acclimate to them, THEY must acclimate to America, it's Laws, Constitution, etc. In fact when someone takes a position of Leadership in our government they should not enter the position thinking that they will "change' America to fit a Foreign Agenda, or to accommodate THEIR personal agenda. We have Socialists, and Islamics in office now who's FIRST moves and intentions in office was to implement a a proposal which is encased in a transition to a Socialist Government. She, and another person within their ranks wants everything America does to revolve around their personal agendas to use America to forward an agenda of incorporating UN guidelines, and mandates into OUR government via Legislation that will establish them under the umbrella of a "green" plan. THIS is another reason why we should all be asking ourselves.. what is the Democratic Party becoming, or, what has it become.

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