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Kris Paronto, who is known for his actions while part of the CIA annex security team during the 2012 benghazi attack was recently interviewed by Beth Baumann, an Associate Editor of Townhall, to get his views on Judge Lamberth’s ruling on
the questioning of Hillary’s top officials about the 2012 Benghazi article. what Paronto said  will send chills down your spine.
Below is the conversation between Paronto and Beth:

Beth: We heard last week that Hillary Clinton’s people are going to have to answer questions about Benghazi, how do you feel about that?

Kris Paronto: They’ve been answering questions so they knew what was going on. what bothers me is they knew what was going on and they admitted it. They left us. They left us behind. Anybody with half a brain can see it was due to political reasons…

When asked if this new questioning will yield answers, Kris replied saying “Bottom line is this: There has to be a politician that goes in there and say, ‘you know what?, we left these guys behind. And we tried to cover it up. And then we lied about it. And we utilized our own justice system and our own Intel agency to hand off responsibility.'” later adding that “there’s enough information out there to show they lacked any integrity.”

Beth: And who directly do you want to hear from? who do you think can answer these questions?

Kris Paronto: Clinton herself, Obama… who knows if they’ll tell the truth.

Should Obama and Hillary be questioned on the Benghazi Scandal? Source: Townhall
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