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Despite violently attempting to storm the United States Southern border, carryout attack on border agents and illegally enter the United States., the Department of Homeland Security shared in a statement that a majority of those in the caravan are not eligible for asylum – DHS spokes person Katie Waldman.

According to Waldman, a person becomes eligible for asylum only if “the foreign national has suffered, or has a well founded fear that they will suffer, prosecution due to: Race, Religion, Nationality, Membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”

Waldmart also made it clear that simply wanting to get a job or connect with family in the U.S. does not make one eligible for asylum and that the only way out for that particular immigrant is to apply for a VISA program. 

On this note, i think it’s high time we send those found not eligible for asylum back to the various countries they came from.
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