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MS-13 gang member being arrested

We all remember when president Trump took lots of heat and criticism from the left for describing the kind of people that can be found within the migrant caravan. In president trump’s words “You’re going to find MS-13 gang members, you’re going to find Middle Eastern, You’re going to find

It seems despite all the criticism from the left, Trump was right as the Mexican government just confirmed that president Trump’s reference to MS-13 gang members within the caravan is correct as one arrest has been made already.

According to report from National Review Mairead McArdle “U.S. Border patrol agents have arrested a member of the infamous Salvadoran MS-13 gang who admitted to authorities that he traveled with the caravan of Central American migrants who were hoping to qualify for asylum America.”

The gang member by name Jose Villalobos-Jobel, a 29-year-old Hounduran who was arrested in the U.S. territory east of the Calexico port of entry admitted to border patrol agent that he’d traveled with caravan with the intentions of entering the country illegally.

So to anyone who is in support of the migrants gaining free access into the United States , maybe you should have a second thought about that.
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