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Recently, over 10,000 Julian Assange’s private twitter messages with some of his supporters got leaked by a former Wikileaks volunteer by name Hazelpress.

The leaked twitter messages were circulated over a period of more than two years from may 2015 through November 2017.

The leaked Assange,s messages cover a wide range of issues from his thoughts on Russian politics to his hatred for 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hazelpress who leaked Assange,s private messages states his motive for the disclosure saying:

“At the point, considering the power exercised by Wikileaks, literally anything Assange says is in the public interest.”

Hazelpress was bold enough to speak out saying Wikileaks is a much needed organisation surrounded by many enemies and as an organisation willing to support a Trump presidency in order to achieve broader socio-political goals.

Highlights about Hillary Clinton from the leaked Assange,s twitter messages include:
  •  FROM NOVEMBER 19, 2015

“We believe it would be much better for GOP to win. Dems+Media+Liberals would then form a block to reign in their worst qualities with Hillary in charge.”

  • FROM NOVEMBER 19, 2015

“Her role in the war in Libya is what should bring her down, however, the GOP is too close to others who have benefitted to exploit this, it seems. that Hillary helped to sew the foundation for ISIS against pentagon generals advice seems huge. But the GOP resolutely ignores it. Hillary so so much slime on her shirt it is now hard to dirt stick”

My love for politics is unusual because I don't love it for the same reasons a lot of people do. I love politics because it challenges me. For me, being involved in politics isn't about having an opinion about every issue. It is about learning both sides of each issue and being fascinated by them. There are very few political issues that I have strong opinions on. The rest I either have yet to educate myself on or I understand both sides and have yet to choose which one I agree with.

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