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from left to right: Texas governor ‘Greg Abbot’ and Hillary Clinton
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According to news report by the Dallas Morning News, the Texas education board made a huge move against Hillary Clinton to drop the then presidential candidate from their

history classes.

This move came after a vote the education board of Texas took on Friday to streamline social studies curriculum in public schools.
Despite becoming the first female nominee of a major United States political party for president, serving as first lady and secretary of state, also being a U.S. senator. Hillary was still deemed not qualified to remain in their social studies curriculum.
The preliminary vote that was taken by the state’s education board included not just the scrapping of Hillary Clinton’s name but also the scrapping of Hellen Keller from sections on citizenship.
According to the Dallas Morning News:
“Teachers won’t be barred from discussing
the figures scrapped, they just won’t be 
part of the required curriculum. A final
vote on the changes will take place in
November. The decision will affect Texas
5.4 million public school students, though it 
won’t change the state’s textbooks at this 
Hillary Clinton was considered not to have triggered a watershed change, was from an underrepresented group and that she never had an impact that would stand the test of time.
Hellen Keller who was scrapped alongside Hillary Clinton was a deaf-blind woman, political activist, author and graduate from college. She was deemed not suitable to remain in the curriculum because she does not best represent the concept of citizenship, instead military and first responders do. 
The Dallas Morning News also added:
“Scrapping Hillary Clinton from the curriculum will save teachers 30 minutes, and scrapping Hellen Keller will save teachers 40 minutes.”
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