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New bombshell revelation coming from Fox News shows that disgraced Department Of Justice official Bruce Ohr gave lawmakers a list of half a dozen FBI and DOJ officials who knew about his Trump-Russia dossier ties.
Now this is where it all gets interesting, according to Catherine Herridge of Fox News:
“DOJ’s Bruce Ohr kept Robert Mueller’s
deputy Andrew Weissman in

the loop

about the Anti-Trump dossier.”
From this revelation, it has come to light that Bruce Ohr not only back channeled with Christopher Steele but he also kept people in the FBI and DOJ in the loop about what was going on with the dossier.
Gregg Jarret, a Fox News legal analyst states reasons why Andrew Weissman has to be fired during a conversation with Judge Jeanine.
In his statement, he said:
“We’ve now learnt thanks to Catherine
Herridge that Bruce Ohr implicated
not just half a dozen people of the DOJ 
and FBI but in particular he implicated
Andrew Weissman as he was kept in the
loop about the dossier. This is the main
part of the Russia hoax and Weissman
was in on the hoax.” 
We now know that Bruce Ohr not only benefited financially as his wife worked for fusion GPS but that he was leaking information to Andrew Weissman. The big question is “WHY IS HE NOT BEING PROSECUTED” as he still has security clearance and still hasn’t been fired.
Gregg Jarret went on to say:
“Andrew Weissman who is involved in
using false intelligence in the Trump-
Dossier is the main lawyer in the special
council probe in investigating trump is a
major participant in the Russia hoax.”
Greg also added:
“Bruce Ohr could be prosecuted for three
or four different crimes which are;
federal bribery, federal gratuity and making
a false statement.”
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